Jvc Mobile Hx Series Coaxial Speakers (6.5", 3 Way) JVCCSHX639

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Carbon mica cone woofers are light & flexible for more response to the low frequency range<br> Pulp cones with fixed surround enhances midrange sound pressure & delivers deep & clear sound<br> Single roll rubber surrounds&#39<br> flexibility prevents distortion & focuses sound for optimum clarity<br> Punched metal with high numerical aperture improves sound flow by about 30% to conventional model<br> Heat-resistant voice coils<br> 2.06&#34<br> polyetherimide cone midranges<br> Ferrite magnets (woofers)<br> neodymium magnets (midranges)<br> Imp: 4ohm <br> .5&#34<br> polyetherimide dome tweeter<br> 6.5&#34<br><br> 3 way<br> 320W max<br> 40W RMS<br> Freq resp: 30Hz-25kHz<br> Sensitivity: 88dB @ 1W/1m<br> Mounting depth: 1.81&#34<br><br> Pair<br> Includes 2 grilles, two 11&#34<br> lengths of speaker wire (each has female quick-slides on one end and bare wire on the other)<br> eight 1&#34<br> self-tapping screws<br> 8 speed clips<br> safety instructions, template & specifications on packaging<br>