Garmin Garmin Speak With Amazon Alexa GRM0186201

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Integrates in-vehicle Alexa(R) Voice Service with exclusive Garmin(R) GPS turn-by-turn navigation <br> Alexa(R) can access music from Amazon(R) Music, Pandora(R) Internet Radio, SiriusXM(R) & more, with additional services to be added<br> During setup, users will enable the free Garmin(R) Speak skill for exclusive Garmin(R) turn-by-turn GPS navigation featuring always up-to-date maps of North America<br> Ability to create to-do lists, check user&#39<br>s calendar or weather/traffic, control Alexa(R)-enabled smart home devices & entertain passengers with interactive games<br> Requires download of free Garmin(R) Speak app to work with compatible Bluetooth(R)-enabled smartphone & a suitable cellular data connection using phone&#39<br>s Bluetooth(R) or an aux cable to stream Alexa(R) responses, including music, through car stereo<br> For vehicles without Bluetooth(R) or an aux input, sound will be delivered through the Garmin Speak(TM) device<br> If user is an Amazon(R) Prime member, Prime Music enables streaming of more than 2 million songs--audio streaming requires download of the free Garmin(R) Speak app to Bluetooth(R)-enabled smartphone connected to device using Bluetooth(R) pairing or aux input<br> Ability to customize features & explore thousands of skills in the Alexa(R) app or the Alexa(R) Skills Store--some skills require linking to user&#39<br>s Amazon(R) account<br> Includes low-profile magnetic mount, vehicle power cable & quick-start manual<br>