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Boyo Vision Streaming-media Rearview Mirror Monitor With Hd Cameras And Dvr BYOVTR93M

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Integrated, molded rearview mirror with 9.35 in. LCD monitor<br> Adjustable, 1920 x 1080p or 1280 x 720p front camera with 170deg field of view<br> Bracket-mount 1280 x 720p rearview camera with 120deg field of view and parking lines<br> 2-channel Full HD DVR recording onto microSD(TM) Card (supports up to 32 GB)<br> Real-time front and rear camera viewing<br> Touchscreen controls<br> Reverse trigger wire for auto-backup viewing<br> Built-in speaker and built-in microphone<br> Integrated clock<br> Compass<br> Vehicle speed<br> Motion detection based on front camera&#39<br>s field of view<br> Parking monitor triggers DVR recording if vehicle is bumped while parked<br> G-sensor<br> Photo snapshots<br> GPS antenna for vehicle speed and geo-tagging<br> Cigarette lighter power adapter with USB port<br> Universal strap mounting onto original mirror<br> Includes user&#39<br>s manual<br>