Alpha Audiotronics Skybuds - Truly Wireless Earbuds w/DigitalMicrophone, Adaptive Awareness & Mobile App (Nimbus)

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SKYBUDS - Free your Sound

With Alpha Audiotronics Skybuds you get Truly Wireless earbudswith Unrivaled Sound!  You also get Up to 4 Hoursplaytime; a Strong, Reliable Connection; Passive NoiseCancellation; they are also Sweatproof & Water-Resistant andinclude a Digital Microphone.

  • Alpha Skybuds Truly Wireless Earbuds
  • General Features:
  • Color: Nimbus
  • Truly wireless unrivaled sound
  • Digital microphone
  • Passive noise cancellation 
  • Sweat proof and water resistant 
  • Skybuds utilize a twist-and-lock motion to fit snug andcomfortably in any ear
  • Once Skybuds are in your ears, press to start listening andagain to pause
  • Choose your favorite music player and Skybuds will handle therest
  • Press the button on your Skybuds to answer a call and again tohang up. To ignore a call, press and hold the button
  • Awareness gives you control over the world around you. Choosebetween Active and Adaptive settings
  • Proximity finder can help you track down nearby misplacedSkybuds and Skydock by using a close, near, far and very farrange
  • Location will help you identify the last known location whereSkybuds and/or Skydock went out of Bluetooth range from your paireddevice
  • Simply put the Skybuds in the Skydock and they willautomatically recharge, even on the go
  • The Skydock and Skybuds use the same charging cable. Simplycharge and go
  • Use the app to monitor charge levels of your Skybuds andSkydock
  • Up to 4 hours of playtime, Skydock provides up to 24 hours ofplaytime
  • Dimensions:
  • Charging case: 2.7 x 2.1 x 0.9-inches (H x W x D)

    • Notes:
    • Model: Skybuds
    • P/N:  B100-NG
    • UPC: 8 55480 00601 7
    • Product Requirements:
    • Bluetooth audio device
    • USB port

      Package Includes
      • Alpha Skybuds Truly Wireless Earbuds
      • Three (3) sets of ear tips
      • Micro USB cable
      • Skydock charging case